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Isolation Watchlist

Throwing out comedy recommendations like confetti.

Whether you're hiding out from coronavirus or hiding from people just in general, I have some funny hidden gems to fill your time.



Avenue 5


Where to watch: HBO

Number of seasons: 1

What it's about: An 8-week space cruise gets knocked slightly off course, turning it into a 3.5 year-cruise. The passengers and crew must find a quicker way home or deal with each other.

Comedic style: Morbid, sarcastic, out-there enough to feel light, like if Arrested Development was a sci-fi show with characters that didn't carry a familial hatred.



Where to watch: FXX/Hulu

Number of seasons: 1 (currently airing on Wednesdays)

What it's about: Aspiring rapper, Dave, navigates his relationships while trying to establish his rap persona, Lil Dicky. I've only seen the three episodes that are currently out, but I love it.

Comedic style: Slightly cringey with quick-witted dialogue, very much in line with Lil Dicky's real music.

Holey Moley


Where to watch: ABC/Hulu

Number of seasons: 1

What it's about: It's a mini-golf game show with extreme obstacles. Stephen Curry appears in every episode as a golf pro, and Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle provide genuinely unexpected commentary.

Comedic style: Slapstick and light-hearted... but don't underestimate it's watchablity. It somehow doesn't get old.

Killing Eve


Where to watch: Hulu

Number of seasons: 2

What it's about: An attention-seeking assassin and obsessed British intelligence officer play cat and mouse.

Comedic style: It's more action-drama than comedy, but it has many laugh out loud moments (the first season is written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, so duh).



Where to watch: Netflix

Number of seasons: 4

What it's about: Dylan, a hopeless romantic, is diagnosed with chlamydia and must call all of his past partners, bolstered by his best friends Evie and Luke. He uses the opportunity to reflect on what went wrong in his relationships.

Comedic style: Smart rom-com-esque with excellent character development.

Please Like Me


Where to watch: Hulu

Number of seasons: 4

What it's about: Josh navigates his sexuality while dealing with his mother's newly diagnosed mental disorder. It's an Australian show and Hannah Gadsby becomes a series regular in season 2! Careful: it'll punch you in the gut.

Comedic style: Matter-of-fact, everyday life kind of stuff.



Where to watch: YouTube (just plain YouTube)

Number of seasons: 9 total, 4 currently on YouTube (adding episodes every Tuesday)

What it's about: Every season, 5 comedians complete a series of pre-recorded and in-studio tasks. The taskmaster (Greg Davies), beside his personal assistant (creator of the show, Alex Horne), award points. Honestly, this may be my favorite show of all time. I'm livid with Comedy Central for letting the US version flop.

Comedic style: The hosts are two comedians and the contestants are five comedians, so it has some of everything. I guess I'll leave it at British.

You're the Worst


Where to watch: Hulu

Number of seasons: 5

What it's about: Gretchen and Jimmy are two awful people who make one perfectly dysfunctional couple. Watch into the later seasons for striking episodes dedicated to exploring depression and PTSD.

Comedic style: Devil-may-care, irreverent, and, at times, deeply touching. It's the kind of magical show that makes you love unlikable characters.



Bridget Christie: Stand Up for Her

Where to watch: Netflix

Daniel Sloss: X

Where to watch: HBO

Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Where to watch: Netflix

Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid

Where to watch: Netflix

Simon Amstell: Set Free

Where to watch: Netflix


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